Care Act Advocacy

Care Act Advocacy

Care Act Advocacy

What is Care Act Advocacy?

The Care Act 2014 is a new law which came into force on 1st April 2015. It says that some people are legally entitled to have an independent advocate to support them to understand and participate in their health and social care assessments, support plans, reviews or safeguarding enquiries. This can be for assessments for your own care needs, or for your needs as a carer.

When can I get a Care Act Advocate?

You may be entitled to an independent Care Act advocate to support you through Care Act assessments, support plans, reviews or safeguarding enquiries if

  • You would find it difficult to be actively involved in your care and support plans without an advocate and
  • You do not already have someone suitable who can help you.

What will a Care Act Advocate do?

An advocate is somebody to be on your side. They can help you to understand the assessment processes, to say what is important to you, to speak up on your behalf if you want and above all to support you to have choice and control over your own care and support. An advocate can visit you at home, or another place of your choosing and can accompany you to meetings.

How do I get a Care Act Advocate?

Referrals for independent Care Act advocates need to be made by a professional such as a social worker. Members of the public cannot self-refer to this service.

Referral forms for professionals are available below and should be securely emailed using password protection or via Egress to If you have any questions about eligibility or referral, please telephone 0161 214 3904.

Please be advised that due to the increasing amount of Care Act, IMCA and DoLS referrals Manchester Advocacy Hub are receiving, we have had to introduce an allocation delay. This is to ensure that we continue to deliver the highest quality of service.  Referrals will be reviewed and allocated as appropriate to urgency.

Care Act referral form

Further Information

For more detailed information about Care Act Advocacy please see Guidance Notes for Care Act Advocacy

For more information about the Care Act see

Care Act Easy Read Guide

Care Act Factsheets

Feedback from users of our advocacy services 
I found my Advocate very caring and helpful during a sad and stressful time.

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