Support for Carers

Support for Carers

Support for Carers

If you provide unpaid care for a friend or relative, you are entitled to an assessment of your own needs as a carer from the Council.

What is the Assessment?

A Carer’s Needs Assessment under the Care Act will look at what your care and support needs are, by looking at the impact that caring for your friend or relative is having on you. It will also consider the things you want to achieve in your day to day life, what might need to change to enable that to happen and whether you are willing and able to continue providing the same level of care.

It will also assess whether you are eligible for support from the Council. If you are eligible, a support plan will be drawn up to set up how your needs will be met and you may be entitled to a personal budget to pay for your support.

When can I get an advocate?

You may be entitled to an advocate to support you through your own Carer’s Needs Assessment, review or support planning, if

  • you would find it difficult to be actively involved in the processes without an advocate and
  • you do not already have someone suitable who can help you

Can the person I care for have an advocate?

In some circumstances, yes. For more information, click Care Act Advocacy or ring our helpline on 0161 214 3934 to speak to an experienced advocate for some advice.

Feedback from users of our advocacy services 
The advocacy service is a lifeline to carers who are struggling dealing with social care services and NHS Mental Health Services.

What other help can I get?

We have an advice and information line, open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday Advice and Information for further information. Please ring us on 0161 214 3934 to see how we can help.

You may be entitled to certain welfare benefits click here for more information

To get advice on welfare benefits you can contact Manchester Citizens Advice Bureau on 03444 111 222

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Manchester Carers Centre
0161 272 7270

Talbot House
Talbot House
For support and advice for parent carers of people with learning disabilities.
0161 203 4095

Manchester Admiral Nurse Service
Manchester Admiral Nurse Service
For support to family members caring for someone with dementia
0808 808 7777

Carers UK
For advice, information and support for carers.
0808 808 7777

Alzheimer's Society Manchester
Alzheimer’s Society Manchester
For a range of support, advice and information to family carers and people with dementia they also run courses for family carers and activity groups for people with dementia.
0161 342 0797


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